Front Office
[email protected].

Office Manager
Beth Couch
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Ann Marie Pingel
[email protected]

Athletic Director
Kathy Klimek
[email protected]

Business Administrator
Mark Hoover
[email protected]
574.287.5590 ext. 235

College Guidance
Brian Peterson
[email protected]

Dean of Boys
Thomas Roe
[email protected]

Dean of Girls
Chelsea Mertz
[email protected]

Director of Admissions
Josh Caneff
[email protected]

Director of Communications
Julia Wickes
[email protected]

Executive Director
Patrick Kottkamp
[email protected]

Head of School
Dennis Staffelbach
[email protected]


Trinity School at Greenlawn is located about one mile east of downtown South Bend and one and a half miles south of the campus of the University of Notre Dame, at the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Greenlawn Avenue.

Visitors may park on Greenlawn Avenue and enter the campus through the pedestrian gate. The main entrance of the school faces Greenlawn Avenue.