“Young men and women sitting down together with their teachers to talk about all the facets of reality that concern us as human beings. In that simple formulation of a Trinity School education lies a part of our hope for the future.”

Jon Balsbaugh, President of Trinity Schools

Experienced leadership is essential to providing your child with a quality education. Trinity School at Greenlawn’s national and local leadership team has nearly 100 years of experience working with students and families like yours.

The educational mission of Trinity Schools is overseen by a national board of trustees. Dr. Craig Lent, the Freimann Professor of Engineering and concurrent Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, currently serves as the chairman of the board.

The president of Trinity Schools, Jon Balsbaugh, is appointed by the board to oversee the faithful implementation of the mission, educational philosophy, and pedagogy of Trinity Schools as approved by the trustees. Prior to serving as president, Mr. Balsbaugh was the head of Trinity School at River Ridge and taught there for 20 years.

Dennis Staffelbach is the head of school at Trinity School at Greenlawn. The head of school is the chief administrative officer of the school and is charged with the faithful implementation of the design of Trinity Schools. The head of school is assisted by an associate head of school, dean of boys, and dean of girls, all of whom also teach in the classroom. Anne Linczer serves as the associate head of school, Thomas Roe as the dean of boys, and Chelsea Mertz as the dean of girls.

The Board of Trinity Schools, Inc.

Craig Lent, chair, Ph.D. Physics. Frank M. Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Jon Balsbaugh, ex officio, M.A. English. President, Trinity Schools, Inc.

Dan Brewer, J.D. Director of Human Resources and Financial Aid, Trinity Schools, Inc. (retired)

Joannah Clark, Ph.D. Pharmacology. Head of School, Trinity Academy

Larry Lamanna,  Ph.D. Political Science and International Affairs. Intelligence Analyst, FBI (retired)

Kevin Ranaghan, Ph.D. Theology. Chairman of the Branch Relations Council, People of Praise