​The Greenlawn Fund is made up of generous annual donations from our community of supporters and enables us to enhance the educational experience of our students.

​The Greenlawn fund supports several important areas including unfunded student financial aid, faculty recruitment and development, and classroom enhancements.

You may give today via credit card or in the variety of ways outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Kottkamp by email at pkottkamp@trinityschools.org or by phone at 574-310-1047.

STOCKS AND BONDS: Funding charitable giving with appreciated stocks or bonds may be advantageous to both you and the school. In most cases, you will avoid paying any capital gains taxes while receiving a full value charitable deduction, and the school will receive a liquid asset, income tax-free. To claim all these benefits, the stocks/ bonds must be transferred to the school rather than selling the stocks/bonds and donating the proceeds, which then turns the gift into an ordinary cash gift. 

INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNT: The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Charitable Rollover provision allows individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their IRA, without treating the distribution as taxable income to the donor.

CASH BENEFITS FROM LIFE INSURANCE: Many people have existing life insurance policies where it may no longer make sense to have the current beneficiary listed. In that case, you may want to consider naming Trinity School as the primary beneficiary. This simple policy change involves only one form. Another method of donating with life insurance would be to purchase a new policy where the donor would be the insured and Trinity School would be the owner and beneficiary of the policy. Because Trinity School is the owner of the policy, premium payments can be structured to be tax deductible to the donor.

REAL ESTATE THAT HAS APPRECIATED: Real estate that has been held for over one year and appreciated in value may provide tax benefits to the donor. These benefits may include the full market deduction and no capital gains tax. If property has been depreciated on an accelerated basis, the deduction for the contribution may be subject to different rules.

CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS: A matching gift program provided through your employer or board membership may allow you to increase the value of your gift. Many companies match charitable gifts of their employees, retirees or board members. Consult your employer’s human resources director or community outreach director to see if your company has a matching gift program.

The above referenced methods of giving are general information and you may wish to consult with your investment advisor and tax preparer as to how these benefits and tax advantages apply to your personal circumstances.

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