“I love being a student at Trinity because of the wonderful faculty members. Each individual and unique class I take is paired with an equally individual and unique teacher. The passion they have for their subjects influences me every day. They inspire me to work harder and show me the beauty in all areas of study. Their enthusiasm for learning is contagious, and I am grateful for every single one of them!”

Trinity Student

John A. Lee

Head of School

B.S. Biology, University of Minnesota, 1996; B.A. German, Santa Clara University, 1992. Trinity School at River Ridge 1996-2010; Trinity School at Greenlawn 2010-present.

Matthew J. Bartek

Dean of Boys

B.S. Education, Indiana University at South Bend, 1999. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1999-present.

Bridget Feeks

Dean of High School Girls

B.A. Humanities, Saint Mary's College, 1985. Trinity School at Greenlawn 2014-present.

Danielle Svonavec

Dean of Junior High Girls

M.M. Vocal Performance, University of Notre Dame, 2004; B.S. Mathematics and Music, University of Notre Dame, 1999. Trinity School at Greenlawn 2012-present.

Joshua Kaiser

Academic Dean, Director of College Guidance

Ph.D. Theological Ethics, University of Edinburgh, 2012; M.T.S. Historical Theology/Church History, Duke University, 2003; B.A. George Fox University, Christian Ministries, 2001. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2012-present.

Wendy Baxter

B.A. English Literature and French, Redeemer College, 1994; B.Ed. University of Toronto, 1997. Faculty: Sir Robert Borden High-school (Ontario), 1999; Lisgar Collegiate Institute (Ontario), 1998. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2000-present.

Tess Cassady

B.A. Fine Arts, Indiana University, 2011. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2011-present.

Wendy Chapman

M.N.A. University of Notre Dame, 2008, B.A. English Literature and French, Saint Mary's College, 1995. Trinity School at Greenlawn 2016-present.

Margaret S. Connolly

M.A. Theology, University of San Francisco, 1974; B.A. Psychology, University of San Francisco, 1972. Faculty: Immaculate Conception High School, San Francisco, 1974-5; Shepherd of the Hills School, San Francisco, 1975-77; St. Joseph’s high- school, South Bend, 1977-78; Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2001-02, 2005-present.

Katherine Couch

B.A. International Studies, Emory University, 2016. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2016-present.

Karen DelleDonne

Ph.D. Pharmacology, Rutgers University, 1994; B.S. Biology, University of Notre Dame, 1987. Post-doctoral fellowship at Cornell University, ultrastructural neuroanatomy, 1994-1997. Faculty, Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2008-2009, 2015-present.

Thomas Dits

M.A. Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame, 1981; B.A. Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 1979. Faculty: St. Anselm’s College, 1983-1986; Holy Cross College (South Bend) 1995-1996; Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1987-1991; 1997-present.

Thomas F. Finke

M.S. Mathematics, University of Notre Dame, 1971; B.S. Mathematics, Xavier University, 1969. Grant from the Council on Basic Education for the study of Newton’s influence on English political theory, 1991. Faculty: St. Joseph's High School, South Bend, IN, 1973-1978; Teaching Assistant, University of Notre Dame, 1969-1973; Head of School, Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1981-1983, 2000-2004; Associate Head of School, 2005-2010. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1981-present.

Mike Gionfriddo

B.A. Classics, University of Mary Washington, 2010. Trinity School at Greenlawn 2014-present.

Alyson Greene

B.A. Visual Art and Interior Design, Bethel College, 2013. Ivy Tech Community College adjunct art professor 2016-present. Trinity School at Greenlawn 2016-present.

Peter Greer

B.A. History, Franciscan University of Steubenville, 2012. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2016-present.

Ann C. Greer

M.S. Elementary Education, University of St. Francis, Fort Wayne, 1979; B.A. Elementary Education, St. Mary's College, 1976; Faculty: St. Anthony School, South Bend, 1976-1978, 1979-1984, 1988-1990, 1994-1998. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1998-present.

Michael Hamann

M.A. Theology, University of Notre Dame, 2009, M.A. American History, University of Notre Dame, 1987, B.A. History, University of Notre Dame, 1982. Faculty: Holy Cross School, 1983-1984; Corpus Christi School, 1985-1988, 1999-2000; St. Joseph High School, 2000-2013; Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1988-1999, 2016-present.

John Loughran

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis, 2017. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2017-present.

Patrick Mooney

Ph.D. Physics, University of Notre Dame, 1986; B.S. Physics, University of Notre Dame, 1978. Postdoctoral associate, Michigan State University, 1986-94; Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes, 1994-1996; Professional Specialist, University of Notre Dame, 2007-2012; Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1996-2007, 2012-present.

Brian Peterson

Ph.D. Theology, University of Dayton, 2012; S.T.M. Theology, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, 1998; M. Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1997; B.A. Philosophy and Religion, St. Olaf College, 1993. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2008-present.

Erica Price

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Yale University, 2005; B.A. Chemistry, Lipscomb University, 1999. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 2011-present.

Lynda Seasly

M.H.A. Health Care Management, University of Minnesota, 1984; B.A. Economics, Wellesley College, 1981. NEH grant studying Skyscrapers in Chicago, 2012. National Gallery of Art grant studying 17th Century Dutch Art, 2006. Grants from National Gallery of Art for the study of American art, 1995, 2000. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1989-2000, 2001-present.

Dennis H. Staffelbach

J.D. University of Notre Dame Law School, 1989; M.A. History, University of Notre Dame, 1982; B.A. History, University of Hawaii, 1980. N.E.H. Summer Seminar on Galileo, 1984. Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1983-86; 1993-present.

Jonathan Wheeler

M.T.S. Theology, Boston College, 2014, B.A. Classics, Saint Michael's College, 2010. St. Jude School, South Bend, 2014-2016. Trinity School at Greenlawn 2016-present.

Nora Zusi

M.A. English, Catholic University of America, 1990; B.A. Great Books Program, University of Notre Dame, 1981. Faculty: Covenant Christian School, Mishawaka, 2015-2016, St. David's Secondary School, Grenada, WI, 1985-1986, Trinity School at Greenlawn, 1982-1985, 1986-1988, 1990-1998, 2016-present.