“At Trinity School, people really get to know one another and that makes not only me but everyone feel welcome. You really can sit with anyone at the lunch table and not feel like a stranger.”

Trinity Student

Whether cheering along with the fans at a basketball game; attending class parties with activities like archery, scavenger hunts or mystery dinners; or participating in one of the many student-run clubs sponsored by the school, your child is certain to find his or her place in our community.

Explore some of our best traditions below.

Field Day
Twice a year, the whole school takes a break for an all-school field day. Fall and spring field days are held outdoors. The entire student body is divided into teams led by upperclassmen that compete against one another in activities like kickball, soccer, ultimate frisbee and volleyball.
S.E.E.K. Events
S.E.E.K. is a year-long class competition between the grades. Events like tug-of-war featuring the seventh and twelfth graders against the ninth and tenth graders, lunchtime minute-to-win-it games, and charitable food drives all win classes points in the competition. The winning class gets a year-end feast, and, of course, eternal glory.
High School Dances
Multiple times a year the ninth through twelfth graders have dances such as the Ballroom Dance, Dance of the Decades and the Luau. Tenth-graders have the opportunity to take ballroom dance classes together. In the spring, the juniors and seniors have a spring formal.
Intramural Lunch-time Sports
Sixth- through twelfth-graders are invited to participate in a variety of playful lunchtime sports. Made up of students from all grades, teams serve to build camaraderie in the school while giving students a physical outlet for energy in the middle of the day.
Class Parties
Six times a year, each class has a party to which all the students are invited. In the younger grades, these parties are mostly single-sex, focusing on building good relationships among the boys and good relationships among the girls in each class. As students grow older, the parties are a mix of single-sex activities and co-ed events.