“We accomplish our mission by establishing a culture marked by the discovery of truth, the practice of goodness, the creation of beauty, and the development of intellectual and aesthetic habits of mind.”

Trinity School’s Mission Statement

Whether discussing Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice in Humane Letters, copying a painting of apples by Cezanne in art studio, debating Aristotle’s vision of the good life, or even playing four square together on break, students and faculty participate together in “a culture marked by the discovery of truth, the practice of goodness and the creation of beauty.” At Trinity School, “Truth, Beauty and Goodness” is not a mere slogan. We make every effort to be guided by these high ideals, knowing that such a culture will have a powerful impact upon the education of your child.

The Discovery of Truth

At Trinity School, your children will be encouraged to develop intellectual skills and habits of mind that allow them to discover the truth for themselves. The discovery of truth is not limited to any particular course or field of study. It is as important in mathematics and history as it is in philosophy and Scripture courses. We want students to grow in their understanding of reality through their studies–to grasp how things actually stand in the world. We want them to come to know God through the study of his revelation, his created order, and his special creation–humanity.

The Practice of Goodness

Young people need more from their education than mere academic understanding. They also need to come to desire the good in their own lives. At Trinity, our education is designed to help our students become more morally and spiritually serious through their studies. We want them to develop the ability to recognize the good in complex ethical situations. We want them to develop a moral imagination, to learn what it means to be guided by the highest principles. And we want all these qualities to be reflected not only in their studies but also in the culture they will experience.

The Creation of Beauty

Beauty is never an afterthought at Trinity School. It takes its proper place alongside the true and the good. We want your child not only to be able to recognize beauty but also come to love the beautiful wherever he or she encounters it, whether in science, mathematics, art history or poetry. Our students also experience what it means to create beauty themselves and to share it with others through regular drama performances, art shows and concerts.