Chamber Choir at Meadow View

A group of fourteen juniors and seniors in Chamber Choir traveled to our sister school in Falls Church, Virginia, in November to perform at a special concert celebrating Trinity School at Meadow View’s 25th Anniversary. The concert brought together students from all three Trinity campuses and showcased an original composition entitled Requiem for a Warrior, by Timothy Dusenbury. Greenlawn students sang as part of a 95-member choir, accompanied by a full orchestra, before an audience of more than 900 people. The concert was conducted by a Meadow View alumnus, and featured an alumna soloist, and two current Meadow View students on piano.

On their first morning at Meadow View, student visitors from both Greenlawn and River Ridge attended Morning Prayer together. Afterward, they shared coffee and donuts before heading into D.C. for a scheduled tour of the U.S. Capitol and sightseeing around the National Mall. Many of our students enjoyed warm hospitality from Meadow View families who hosted them in their homes for the weekend.

Greenlawn faculty member and music teacher Mr. Emmanuel DeLeon, who prepared the singers for the concert and accompanied them on the trip, said:

“It was a joyful moment to see how well the students from all three campuses got along. When everyone is comfortable with each other, it helps to create a unified sound, and this was evident on the day of the concert. Their voices blended well! The opening act was a solo piano performance, followed by a piano duet. Then, the blended choir sang its heart out for the performance of Requiem. The concert ended with a congregational singing of O God Beyond All Praising. The hall was filled with so much music and love, and felt wonderful. This was an amazingly rewarding moment after all of the hard work that our students put into preparing for this concert.”

We are grateful to Trinity School at Meadow View for organizing and hosting this event and for inviting our students to participate. They had a truly valuable, fun, and memorable experience. Congratulations to Trinity School at Meadow View on its 25th Anniversary!