Pi Day Friday

Left to right: David Lawrence, James Doran, and Caleb Bui

Kudos to Trinity students who observed Pi Day last week on Friday, March 15 (one day late due to a calendar conflict).

Interested students gathered at lunch to recite the numerical value of pi from memory. Faculty members were on hand to track accuracy and award the top three students with a full-size pie. Mrs. Seasly, who organized the event, had one word to describe what these students demonstrated on Pi Day Friday: “Amazing.”

Special congratulations goes to our students who placed first, second, and third.

First Place
James Doran (grade 9): 201 digits

Second Place
Caleb Bui (grade 7): 187 digits

Third Place
David Lawrence (grade 11): 160 digits

Honorable Mention:

Kaylee Gries (grade 7): 96 digits
Gloria Connolly (grade 8): 76 digits
Lucy Freddosos (grade 6): 76 digits
Gabe Lawrence (grade 9): 66 digits
Cecilia D’Agostino (grade 8): 64 digits