Stress over tests and grades and anxiety due to negative social dynamics and cliques consume many children’s experiences of school. Want something more than “school as usual” for your child? So do we.

We believe human beings were created to pursue the truth, to practice goodness and to create beauty — and not merely to know but to love. These beliefs affect all elements of life at Trinity, making it a place where students experience more than “school as usual”.


Your child will develop a sense of wonder about the world around them.

Your child will receive an education in the best literature, philosophy, theology and political theory along with cutting-edge mathematics and sciences and a strong emphasis upon the arts.

Your child will be taught to recognize and create beauty.

Your child will participate as an equal in the same conversations, the same concerts and performances, and the same problem sets and projects as other students due to a unified curriculum for grades 6 through 12.

Your child will be immersed in a culture where the ideals of charity, right speech, and honoring one another are consistently upheld.

Your child will be ready, not just for college, but for meaningful work and life as a member of a community.

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